Living this new life...

Living this new life...

my world after covid (the first round)

86 UpCycle, retail recycling, has always been a passion of mine. I've loved weird, different, upcycled, recycled and unique things for as long as I can remember. While the world was suffering with the effects and repercussions of the first round of the dreaded "plague" of 2019, I too was in a panic. Not at first though, I must admit, I thought America was doing as we do, listening solely to the reporters and living by every spoken word that they said! I thought, this too shall pass...

Well, we know that did not happen, and it left me without not one job, but two jobs! Folks, I'm a single mother, and my remaining children (I have 3, 3 boys, ) and the 2 at home do not have jobs and do not help me with the finances, so I did what any mother would do. I improvised! 

I knew that there were others that shared my passion of all things vintage and all things resold. I knew others were at home, as was I, cleaning out closets, drawers, and under beds. I knew that these people, myself included, would need a place to put all this stuff, and a place for all of us to share our findings. So, there was the beginning of 86 UpCycle. 

Since then, the growth and potential that I see excites me to no end. I'm living a life that I love. Not only am I helping others, which that makes me happy, but I am living proof that if your dreams are big enough, if you will sacrifice, and if you realize that if you don't do it now, it may never happen. Life is too short to live on the idea, just jump out there and get it!! I like to say, I'm a jumper, I jump first and then figure out my way down, 

Follow me, follow my shop, follow the stories of people I intend to help. Just work hard and be nice to people. We are all in this together, so stop separating yourself from others. You are no better than me, and I am no better than you. Find your own personal happiness and do it, love it, live it, because, if you don't, it will leave you standing... (As I'm falling) 


Until next time, 


Tina Kay 



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