We offer generous consignment rates to help you get the most from your vintage items.

Bellville Vintage Consignment Shop

When you’re looking for something beyond the ordinary and downright extraordinary, stop by 86 UpCycle! We’re a unique vintage clothing and home goods store in Bellville, TX, offering authentic, intriguing and alluring items from the past. We’re proud to be Bellville’s first consignment, resale and vintage headquarters, and we’ve got something for everyone among our ever-growing eclectic inventory. Pay us a visit today and we promise you’ll leave with a treasure.

Bellville’s Destination for Vintage Clothing and Home Goods

On the hunt for a one-of-a-kind vintage jacket?

Looking for a unique dress to wear for a night out? Want to add some vintage style to your home with décor from the past? You’ll find what you’re looking for at 86 UpCycle, the destination for vintage clothing and home goods in Bellville, TX.

Every time you stop by our shop, you’ll find authentic vintage treasures from the past. We carry something for everyone, including men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, as well as bags and purses. We ensure our items are authentic and premium-quality, and we pride ourselves on our extensive selection that encompasses several styles and eras. Our shop is nothing short of eclectic, which means there’s always an opportunity to find something you love—whether it’s true to your style or new-to-you and exciting.

Find interesting & unique vintage home goods in our friendly shop.

From art to lighting, barware to furniture, we promise you’ll discover something special for your home whenever you stop by.

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As a knowledgeable vintage consignment shop in Bellville, TX, we’ll take your vintage clothing and home goods and turn them into cash. Just bring your treasures into the shop and we’ll mark them at a fair value. Our fast turnaround ensures you get the best possible price for your vintage pieces in no time at all. Stop by today to learn more!

Bellville’s Destination for Vintage

86 UpCycle is your one-stop-shop for quality vintage clothing and home goods. We carry authentic pieces from the past, all at prices our competition can’t match. Stop by today or contact us to discover all we have to offer. We provide vintage goods and accessories to any and all in or around Bellville Texas!